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Bridal Services

Hair and make up is an essential part of your wedding day.

We are a team of professional freelance hair and make up artists and have over 6 years experience specialising in bridal hair and make up, our experiences include working in the beauty industry as well as working for a well know make up cosmetic company MAC Cosmetics. Using a wide range of these product emma and Siobhan offer a high standard of service to brides on there wedding day.

We love our job and enjoy being a part of someones wedding day, we try to offer the best possible service to our brides from the moment we meet them, to the time we're helping them in to their wedding dress on the big day!

On the day...

Our experience allow us to give advice and techniques to help brides achieve the perfect look on their day, being artistic is a gift that not everyone is blessed with, creating a look that is personal to each individual is a technique that we have developed over the years of working with many personalities. Being a part of someones day is very special to us and our job is not only to make the bride feel like a princess but to also create a relaxed and calming effect to the morning of their day.

A trial run is essential to try out different looks and styles to ensure that the finished look is perfect for the bride, just like choosing a dress it’s not always easy and may take time and patience to get the right one.  Time is always given on a trial in the privacy of our hair and make up studio studio based in Chesterfield to ensure that we can create the final look perfect to reflect a person.  I recommend collecting pictures of hair and make up styles to bring to the trial and to book a trial 2-3 months before the wedding day.

With time given on a trial and the desired look achieved, our on the day service becomes easy and stress free for the bride and her bridal party.

We offer our service at a very competitive price for the bride and the bridal party. We like to feel that a stress free morning can be affordable to every bride.  With stiff competition in the wedding industry in the past few years, i am very honoured to receive such lovely feed back and recommendations from past brides. Their complimentary feed back is essentials to put further brides trust in my service. (please see our kind words page) I feel very lucky so far to be apart of so many peoples wedding day and i look forward to each year to be apart of many more.

Bridal service on your wedding day:

  1. Your big day can start to feel a little stressful, so my one aim on your day is to take the stress away from the bride and her bridal party, the getting ready part should just be as fun as the wedding itself.  I will bring along my assistant when necessary to help with timings.

  1. On your wedding day I will arrive with ample amount of time as planned to start creating the hair and make up styles that we rehearsed on the bridal trial.

  1. Once everyones look is completed I will help where needed as an extra pair of hands to help everyone get into the dresses, I am also very experienced at lacing, buttoning and zipping up bridal dresses so no one needs to panic about the dress.

  1. With my services you can be confident that your morning would be stress free and your hair and make up will last the whole day from the start of your ceremony to the end of your night.

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